Ypres Salient Battlefield Tours
Quite simply it is impossible to cover everything that occurred in this region in just a day – at least three days would be needed to give the area the justice it deserves, but a day tour can cover the key locations.

Inevitably there is focus on 1st July 1916, the day the British Army lost close to 20,000 men with a further 37,000 wounded or classed as missing, but the Somme battle of 1916 went on long into the autumn and continues to capture our culture and haunt our imaginations to this day.


Within a day tour, the following areas can be visited:

Sheffield Memorial Park and ‘Pals’ Memorials at Serre
The Sunken Lane at Beaumont Hamel and the Hawthorn Mine
Newfoundland Memorial Park
Ulster Tower
Mouquet Farm, Pozières and Courcelette
Ovillers and Mash Valley
Lochnagar Crater
Thiepval Memorial to the Missing and Visitors Centre.

If you have further time to spend in the Somme region, there is a wealth of other locations to be explored and understood. Among them are:

Redan Ridge

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